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The Show Must Go On

I couldn’t help but think about that industry phrase back in June when I was wondering what would happen with live performances. There were still no real gigs or performances of any kind here in Spain, and indeed, most of the world. Then a funny thing happened.

I saw that Oliver’s Jazz Bar in London was having some concerts. Not a full program yet, but it was light on the horizon. I played there before and knew the club had a great reputation, so I contacted them. Lo and behold they gave me a gig for Nov! Nov 20th to be precise. I asked for a date further away as things still weren’t fully open and there were many doubts about another lockdown - not to mention travel restrictions, prices, audience, etc. But after more than a year of lockdowns, cancellations, and restrictions, all on top of the usual frustrations a musician has to deal with, I was determined to see it through no matter what. Just to play again. And you know what happened?

Things opened up a little more, and on very short notice, I was able to book 3 more shows and 3 workshops. I learned later that the gig at Oliver’s is now part of the EFG London Jazz Festival. Then last week, I got a 4th workshop! So I’m happy to say I’ll be in and around London from 10-21 Nov doing 4 shows & 4 workshops (see dates page for details and tickets)

So what’s the message? What can I pass on from the experience----Never stop----Because the Show MUST Go On!

Keep the momentum going and the energy flowing. This way if anything unforeseen happens, you can slot right back into things. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that music and live performance are VITAL. We all need it. The musicians, the audience, the clubs, society.

I am grateful to the clubs and schools for making this happen in very uncertain times. Please support live performances in your area & do come to a show or workshop. Because the show MUST go on.

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